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Reach-Out Colorado, Inc



The answer to, "How's it going?"

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The ROC Report #11

Posted on 4 April, 2013 at 15:40 Comments comments (724)

The ROC Report #11


I’ll begin with the report for the month:

Totes of Hope for 250 children per week

Lodging: 4

Food: 2 boxes; $75

Gas: $75

Utilities: 2; $242.50

Auto Repair: 1; $2,326.21 [In Kind Donation from Columbine Ford in Rifle]

The ROC is grateful for our many volunteers and contributors who make this possible. God has blessed us with good helpers, board members, team leaders and volunteers who pack and deliver the totes of food for the children at the three elementary schools and Head Start in Rifle.

Great news this month! The ROC received its first grant of $2,500 for emergency services from The Duncan Foundation. This is the first grant Jeanne applied for back in January and one day the check was in the PO Box. Of course we were excited and encouraged as well. Jeanne has been writing about 3 grants per week lately and it is good to see her hard work paying off! This grant money will help free up the General Operation Expense because until now almost all emergency funding was coming out of that account.

We had a great ROC Board Meeting last night. The Team Leader reports raised great enthusiasm.

School Projects Team; Leader Kim Regan, Asst. Tami Long.

Kim reported that the Totes of Hope program went very smoothly this year thanks to our regular and faithful volunteers who truck a months’ worth of food for 250 children over to our food bank facility, unload palates of food from the truck and carry it down stairs and fill the shelves, who pack individual bags of food, load them into delivery bins, break down and carry away the empty cardboard boxes, carry the 80-100 lb bins with 10 bags of food in each up stairs and then deliver them to the schools where the school counselors distribute them to the kids for the weekend. The Food is donated by The Food Bank of the Rockies; our organization is the distributor to the schools.

Next year the plan is to begin a school supplies drive and a coat drive as well and perhaps expand the Totes program into the Junior High in Rifle.

We are also looking into expanding the program to the communities of Parachute and Battlement Mesa where the need is great in these impoverished areas. We will be meeting with the school leaders there on April 10. We hope that the Food Bank of the Rockies will be able to accommodate the needs of these children with food as well so we can distribute it to them. However, if this happens we will definitely need a larger facility to store the food in for the quantity is sure to double. Check the photo above of Roland, a large 6'5" volunteer helping to stack totes of food for the next day's delivery and you can get a feel for how full our little room gets. We are praying for a building owner in Rifle to let us use space to store and pack the food for both Rifle and Parachute. Due to the economy, there are many empty buildings in town and I’m hoping that someone would be willing to give us a $1/year lease to get the tax right off rather than just let their facility sit empty. So pray with us for that, would you!!

Latino Integration Team: Naomi Arredondo

The purpose of this team is to give opportunities for Latinos in the community to get involved in volunteer programs and to develop community leadership among them. Naomi is planning a Mexican Festival this summer that will include Latino dance groups, music and food. The whole community will be invited. This event will be a fund raiser for The ROC. She has also been actively involved in recruiting Latino to be part of our volunteer pool.

Senior Assistance. (Team Leader needed)\

Tami Long has done some research into what kind of things our Senior program could do and she made an excellent presentation to the Board. The primary thing is relationship building with seniors who live alone and have no support system in place. We would be looking for committed team members who would be trained to be sensitive to the needs of seniors, would stay in regular contact with them and provide information to them for services they would need. We are praying for an impassioned team leader for this who will help us build a program that will not duplicate services already available, but will develop other services that will enhance the quality of care that our seniors have available to them.

Emergency Assistance, Dave Bottroff

We are looking for a permanent Emergency Assistance Leader who will have the time to work with individual needs as they come to us, network with other agencies who give emergency assistance, and work with utility companies, land lords and service people to try and meet genuine needs of families in the community. With the arrival of our first grant for emergency services the Board has authorized a budget of $500/month for this. It is not much but it will prevent us from spending all we have in one month. Hopefully more grants and contributions will come in to keep up with the need. We interview and check each request that comes to us to do all we can to make sure the need is legitimate. We cannot help people on a month by month basis.

The ROC Report #10

Posted on 11 March, 2013 at 1:05 Comments comments (45)

The ROC Report #10


We’re on a roll so far this year. Last year from June to December we helped a total of 58 people not including the 249 Totes of Hope we deliver to the elementary schools each week. So far in 2013 we’ve been able to affect 53 lives as well as the Totes of Hope. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to make a difference for a family on the brink. Some of these people have 6 or 8 children in their home. Thanks to all of you who have helped us help them!! Without going into detail I’ll just summarize by category of need:

Help with utilities: 2

Auto repair: 2

Food: 2

Gas: 4

Referrals: 2

Lodging: 1

The ROC is preparing for next school year with the Totes of Hope. Kim Regan has done a wonderful job and continues to do so. We welcome Tami Long as her assistant Totes leader. She is a gung-ho hard worker with many good ideas of her own. It’s a joy to work with her as well. Welcome aboard, Tami!

Also Nohemi Arredando (Naomi) who has helped so much with Angel Tree and Totes, has agreed to become our Latino Integration leader. She has some good ideas about how to include more Latinos as volunteers in the community. We welcome her on board as well.

Graham Mesa Elementary School honored us this month with the Business of the Month award for our Totes of Hope Program at their school. They also posted a notice on their out door marquee saying, “Thank you ROC for the Totes of Hope.” We’re glad to do it and glad it is helpful for your students and teachers.

I have begun doing some investigation into Parachute, the next community down valley from Rifle, in preparation for extending the Totes of Hope program to that school district next school year. It is a an even more depressed community than Rifle and with what I have found so far over 50% of the children would qualify for Totes. In order to do this we will need to move our food bank out of its present location at the SDA Church in Rifle to find larger quarters. The room we are in gets loaded to the gills with food when our shipment arrives each month and we are out of shelf room. The potential of more than doubling our monthly shipment and number of Totes each week would require a much larger building with more shelving. In Rifle there are quite a number of empty properties and we are following leads to convince owners that a $1/year lease with a tax break would be better than they are doing now and would certainly help a good cause. This is something to pray about!

I’m looking for a Senior Assistance Team leader, an Emergency Services leader & other prayer needs. We will also be holding more volunteer sign-up drives in these communities.

Jeanne has been very busy applying for grants. Now that she has the basic form completed (what a lot of work!!) she is sending out an average of three grants per week!! And I actually had a personal interview with one foundation for a general operating grant. We will hear from them sometime mid May. Yes, more to pray about. As you can see much prayer goes into this work and we really appreciate prayer partners calling for God’s grace upon The ROC. If you think of it, and are able, send a contribution our way as well. Our non-profit 501c3 will get you a receipt right away. The ROC, PO Box 1222, Rifle, CO 81650.

God is good! and we are certainly enjoying ourselves serving the Lord in this way. Thank you for your interest in The ROC and I implore you to spread the word. We hope to have our Face Book page up and running very soon. I’m not savvy about all of that but God has given us people who are.

Have a great month. I know we will!

Dave Bottroff,


The ROC Report #9

Posted on 6 February, 2013 at 18:40 Comments comments (49)

The ROC Report #9


Did you notice that this is # 9. We’ve been in operation 9 months and it’s wonderful to see how God is blessing by allowing us to help and involve so many people. We thank you for your interest and support in The ROC.

The month of January started off busy. A couple and their dog were traveling with a trucker and ended up stranded in Rifle during one of our very cold weeks in early January that never got out of single digit temps. I was in CA checking on my Dad when I got the call from them. They had been referred to The ROC by a local church. Fortunately I had visited local businesses in December seeking contributions. The La Quinta Inn GM had offered to “comp” a room for stranded people for a night when needed. So I called her, explained the situation and she gave the couple a room to get out of the cold. The trucker, who was supposed to get back to pick them up the next day, himself got stranded in a CA storm and would be an extra day getting back. The couple called me again and, hoping for the good graces of LaQuinta, requested that they give them another night, which they did! The couple was so happy not to have had to stay out on the street. (I don’t understand why people set out across country with no means of support, but some do, I guess.) The point is they may have frozen to death outside. There are no shelters in Rifle.

We helped a single parent with 4 children who was missing work because she was recovering from shoulder surgery. She was unable to pay her electric bill. The electric company was going to turn off the power the next day if the bill wasn’t paid. Still in CA when this call came in I worked with the SDA Church Community Service Center who contacted her, paid her utility bill and she was able to keep heat in her home. When I got back home The ROC contributed $100 to the SDACSC to help with that expense. Thank you Reba at the CSC!

The ROC also helped a teacher’s aid (a single parent) with her utilities to keep the heat on. In another case the ROC made arrangements for B&B Plumbing to make emergency repairs on a frozen/broken water pipe in a couple’s trailer.

The best story this month concerns a single parent with a 3 year old child with JRA (junior rheumatoid arthritis.) She is a student and needed transportation to get the child to doctors appointments in Denver (3 hours) and Grand Junction (1 hr). She had no transportation at all until someone made arrangements for her to get a used car at very reasonable terms. But the tires were bald. One was even leaking air so she really couldn’t go anywhere, especially in the winter. She was referred to us by her college program director. I didn’t know how I would arrange for 4 new tires. She had already checked with one tire place and said they would be at least $119 per tire plus installation, balance and tax. So I visited tire places in Rifle and Glenwood Springs. I also made some business contacts for donations towards this project. I received a $100 donation from Rifle Equipment and a $75 gift card from Wal-Mart but I was still short. Then I went to Columbine Ford in Rifle. I explained the situation to the GM and asked him what his best deal for me could be. He replied, without hesitating, “How about free?” I couldn’t believe my ears! “Free? Did you say free?” He had been looking through The ROC brochure while we were talking and then replied, “Yes, free, and how about if we gave you $200 a month for The ROC.” I must say that my eyes teared up at that.

I came in the next day with the mother to have her tires put on at no charge. They treated her royally. She was so grateful she even signed up to volunteer for The ROC. Thank you Tim Evely, GM of Columbine Ford in Rifle. And thank our God in heaven who opens doors and answers prayers. We are so blessed!

I want to thank those of you who are making monthly contributions that range from $10 to hundreds of dollars a month for The ROC. For the first time The ROC was able to commit a small monthly stipend for the director starting in January, for which we are grateful. Jeanne has kept busy in her “spare time” writing grants to Colorado organizations who fund projects such as ours. We heard from one of them this week and they want to come for an interview with me on February 18. Please pray that this goes well and they will grant us funding for general operating.

Last night we packed totes of food for 248 children to be delivered to the elementary schools the end of this week. I’m meeting with a potential Seniors’ Assistance team leader today. Tonight is our monthly ROC Board where I will lay out a vision of expanding our services to Parachute, the next community to the west. This is a community that is even more economically depressed than Rifle. God says that if we knock he will open.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for your prayers. May you have a good month.

Till next time.

Dave Bottroff

Director, The ROC

The ROC Report #8

Posted on 8 January, 2013 at 11:55 Comments comments (22)

The ROC Report #8


On June 7, 2012 the first ROC Report was sent out. So much has happened during this first six months of operation and God has blessed us with so many wonderful leaders and volunteers!

The Totes of Hope to the schools has been on Christmas Vacation but will start up again this week as the children have returned to school. Kim is well and will be working with the volunteers this Thursday morning to get things packed up and delivered to the three elementary schools. Our last delivery was 227 packages of food. We’ll see what the school counselors need now that the Christmas break is over.

Elaine Cloninger is our Angel Tree leader. She had some wonderful volunteers who helped her place the trees and collection boxes at the two Alpine Banks, City Market and two restaurants in town. They also took registration requests from parents, distributed and collected the angels from the locations. The gifts were collected and sorted according to requests, packaged up in Christmas gift bags and then taken to the Rifle Public Library for distribution on December 15. My, this was a lot of work! Twelve volunteers showed up at the library to transport and then deliver the gifts to the parents who were thrilled. Elaine and her crew provided gifts for 150 children that morning! Good job, everyone! Thanks so much.

I want to give a special thank you to Veronica Espino who helped me put together last minute gifts for a family with 8 children who had no gifts. I got the call on December 23 and since I had not been involved in putting together the gifts had no idea where to begin. Elaine was away visiting family for the holidays. Veronica said she would meet me when she got off work at 6:30 PM. Thanks to her expeertise I was able to deliver these gifts plus 5 boxes of food put together by Darliene Gall at the SDA Community Service Center. This family was so grateful to have food and presents for their children. I praise God that The ROC was able to help them!!

In the wake of the December 14 shooting tragedy at the Sandy Creek Elementary School in CT, I knew that all the schools in the country would feel uneasy and be on guard when school resumed on Monday. I visited the three elementary schools in Rifle that morning and offered to the principals whatever assistance the ROC might be able to offer them. Each of them had implemented extra security cautions. Within the hour after I had visited I got a call from one of the principals requesting volunteers to provide extra lunch room and play ground supervision for that week. The local college students doing their student teaching usually helped with that but they had already gone on Christmas break. So I sent out the word and Chantelle Wilson responded immediately as was able to go with me that very day to help out at the school; she on the play ground and I in the lunch room. The following day Jeanne and I helped in the lunch room. It was a lot of fun and the school really appreciated the support.

I thank many of you who have supported The ROC last year with your financial gift. This is what allowed us to do these things. I hope that many of you will consider becoming a part of the team even though you may not be able to volunteer on site. The $10 a month club is easy for most and a sacrifice for some. Please consider it. If, as God blesses you, you can do more then we can do more.

Specific Prayer needs:

1. Jeanne is busy writing grants beginning this month. Pray that that endeavor will be successful.

2. The ROC needs a Senior Assistance Team Leader.

3. We also need a PR person who will help keep the community informed about our activities.

“Working together to help each other” in 2013. May God be with us!

Dave Bottroff


The ROC Report #7

Posted on 11 December, 2012 at 0:30 Comments comments (24)

The ROC Report #7

December 17, 2012

Just wanted to share a wonderful experience I had last week. Kim called in sick with flu and so that left me to organize the assembly of and delivery of the 227 Totes of Food. Three of my regular volunteers were going to be gone and one, who showed up, had had a heart condition and was put on oxygen this week. We had 227 totes to pack, load into containers, get up the stairs, into trucks and have delivered by 11 AM. By 10:15 I realized we weren’t going to make it so I called in the fire department. I explained what we were doing and they were happy to send an engine company and a pickup and 4 firefighters in them. They helped get the food up the stairs. We loaded the engine and the pickup and my station wagon and each of us went to a different school. They all got delivered in time.

I’m surely grateful for the help of the Rifle Fire Department. I prayed that morning on the way to the food bank for God to provide the volunteers. Just didn’t know it would be the Rifle Fire Department! They said that they would be happy to help again. Just call them. “It’s what we do” they said.

I shamelessly ask for your support as we come to the close of this year. The ROC depends upon its volunteers and contributors. How very much the gifts of those who have already contributed have meant to all of us at The ROC and how much they have helped those in need! Thank you.

If you would like to contribute, or are thinking about it, here is a summary of what we do in the community:

Angel Tree: Children in Rifle and Parachute who, otherwise, will not be getting a Christmas gift, receive a $10-$20 gift from individuals who retrieve an “Angel” from the tree at selected business in town. More requests for gifts come in than are donated and so we need to buy gifts to make up the difference. Cash contributions to Angel Tree will provide gifts for those children.

Emergency Assistance: Throughout the year, due to lack of work, families find themselves in financial trouble and are unable to make their rent or utilities. Some need gas money to get to work or to medical appointments. Those who ask for assistance are interviewed to determine if and how we can help. There is always a need for these finds.

Latino Integration: Latinos make up a large segment of our community. They are seen by some to be a drain on community resources. But if you talk with them, they really want to be a part of helping the community. This program enlists Latinos in a volunteer program where they can participate in helping others. Through volunteering, Latino leadership will be identified and encouraged to enlist others to get involved in a positive way in the community. English classes will be provided for any who want to learn the language. This is key to successful integration in the community.

Seniors Assistance: Seniors living alone are in danger of being forgotten. Our Seniors program provides opportunity for them to become volunteers so they can feel themselves useful to our community. Volunteers from this team will regularly check on the welfare of our seniors and provide assistance when needed all year long.

School Programs, Totes of Hope: Re-2 reports that many of the children in K-JrHi who qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program are not getting enough to eat at home on the weekends. Teachers see hunger pains, lethargy, headaches, etc. because of this. The Totes of Hope provides food for these children to take home on the weekends for their parents to supplement their weekend. Presently 227 students are benefiting from this in the Rifle elementary school.

General operating: Funds are always needed to keep the doors open, pay office expenses, printing, travel, etc. Donations for General Operating are always welcome.


Reach-Out Colorado, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. EIN#: 45-5370178. All gifts are tax deductable. You may designate a particular program you want to support or help with General Operation. Either way, make your checks payable to: Reach-Out Colorado, Inc. (or The ROC) PO Box 1222, Rifle, CO 81650.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Dave Bottroff

Director, The ROC

The ROC Report #6

Posted on 19 November, 2012 at 0:40 Comments comments (21)

The ROC Report #6


God is continuing to bless The ROC in so many ways. Everyone on the board and the team leaders are so dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Working together to help each other. So far 55 people have signed up to volunteer for ROC projects plus ten who are Board members and team leaders. These folks are our greatest blessing for they are people helping people. Our quest is to be able to fully utilize and appreciate them so they will know how valuable they are. We are also grateful for our regular donors who, although are few right now, are making sacrificial contributions to help sustain our outreach to very needy people in our community. We have also received donations of goods from merchants for which we are grateful.

I must share with you the Big News of this month. It has been six months since we made application for our 501 (c)(3) [non-profit status] and on Friday, 11-16, it finally came! We are now officially official! The status is retroactive to May 9 of this year so all contributions made will be tax deductable. This is something we are very relieved to finally have in hand. I want to give recognition to my wife, Jeanne, who worked so hard studying and writing and applying for the Articles of Incorporation and the non-profit status. She did a wonderful job and I’m so proud of her. Thank you, Jeanne!

Jeanne and I went on a vacation that was purchased for us a year ago September (before we ever dreamed of The ROC) by our friends who have retired from Manhattan to Adellaide, SA, Australia. We were gone 2 ½ weeks and it was wonderful. We were able to do this without having to worry about The ROC while we were gone thanks to Kim Regan, our Schools’ and Totes of Hope Team Leader. She stepped right up and took the emergency relief calls while we were gone and kept up with the huge responsibility of seeing that the Totes of Hope stayed on track for the children at the elementary schools. Thank you so much, Kim. You are invaluable to this ministry. I am also pleased to announce that Kim, who has only been in Rifle for six months, has assured that her presence and work here with The ROC will be ongoing because she closed on a house in Rifle on Friday. Welcome to the neighborhood, Kim!

The ROC helped 6 people with emergency funds this month ranging from a tank of gas to get to medical appointments and work to helping with utilities and rent. We expect this census to go up as the winter months come. Besides this the Totes of Hope program has increased to 200 totes per week for the elementary schools. We have picked up the Head Start kindergarten and are trying to gear up for the middle school at the beginning of the year. We are hoping that The Food Bank of the Rockies will increase their contributions to accommodate another 50 children so we can accommodate this need. Kim is aggressively soliciting chain stores to get food contributions from them as well. City market called us to come pick up 5 cases of snacks donated by vendors that the elementary schools had wanted. These were distributed last Thursday.

With the 501 now in hand it will be easier to get business on board because now we have the EIN# we can give to them for their tax deductible contributions. I will also begin to be more aggressive in going to small businesses in Rifle to get their sponsorship. We will also begin to write grants.

Thank you all for your interest in The ROC and we covet your daily prayers most of all. If you can be part of the $10 A Month Club be assured that these funds are used judiciously. We feel a great obligation to God for this ministry and so we are very careful.

If you haven’t yet become a member of the web site, where you will get automatic updates, you are invited to go to and go to the membership tab. If you are a local, you can also volunteer on line.

Dave Bottroff


The ROC Report #5

Posted on 7 October, 2012 at 11:40 Comments comments (0)

The ROC Report #5

October 7, 2012

The big project this month was painting a blind, elderly ladies house in Rifle. On Sunday morning, Sept. 9, six volunteers from Alpine Bank, one from Crossroads Assisted Living, Kim, Jeanne and I spent a total of 45 volunteer hours painting her house (see the pictures posted) We started 8:00 and were don’t by 2:00. Daylight Donuts in Rifle donated snacks. City Market gave us 3 cases of water. Sherry Warn (from Crossroads) brought a beautiful fruit plate. We painted the house white with green trim around the windows and doors. One crew spent the morning pulling weeds throughout the yard, cleaning up dead branches in bushes in the front and back. Jeanne bought a pot of yellow mums donated by Plant Maintenance for the front porch. Mike McKibben, editor of the Rifle Citizen Telegram, came and took pictures and interviewed volunteers and Carol and did a front page article about the project that week. The place looked gleaming and beautiful when we were done and everyone had a good time. They are eager to get to work on the next project when we get one! Thank you, everyone, for your good work and fun attitude.

The client was very grateful for what we had done. Though she is legally blind she came out to take a look and she could see the difference: bright white and green trim! She loved the flowers.

I returned on Monday to scrape the windows and haul some of the bags of weeds off to the Crossroads dumpster.

On Sept. 11 we held a volunteer fair at the Rifle Library and signed up 29 new volunteers who want to help in some way. On Sept. 13 City Market, our local grocery, offered us cart loads of decorations they were changing out. They set us up in front of their store and Kim, Janice and I spent the day talking with people, selling the decorations and signing up 6 ore volunteers. We raised $290 for the Totes of Hope as well through the sale and donations given! Thank you, City Market!

This month we also bought bus tickets for two couples who needed to get to work and medical appointments in Glenwood Springs. We also transported her to The Salvation Army where she got help for a utility bill. Another family, traveling from WA to TX towing a large travel trailer, had unexpected auto repairs along the way using up their money and needed gas. Thanks to the generosity of two of our volunteers we were able to get them 20 gallons of gas ($80 worth) and an overnight at an RV park in the area.

The rest of September was busy with preparation getting the Totes of Hope geared up to begin in October. Kim and I visited all the elementary school principals and counselors. The School District, principals and counselors all had meetings to determine how they would decide who would get the weekend food. This was a difficult undertaking since there are over 600 in the elementary who qualify but we only had 200 totes available. The teachers sent home notices about the program to qualifying families who needed to return the note acknowledging that they wanted to participate in receiving the food. As it turned out by Wednesday afternoon before the Totes were to be delivered to the schools on Thursday morning, there were 90 families who responded. So we delivered 90 totes of food the first week. The counselors are sure that there will be more by next week as the notes come back in and they will keep inquiring for more. At any rate, Kim and I were very excited to finally get the program up and running! Children and their families are finally getting the food.

I’ve posted some pictures of projects and activities so check them out. Pray for The ROC, its volunteers and its Board. Thank you to our supporters!


The ROC Report #4

Posted on 2 September, 2012 at 14:35 Comments comments (25)

The ROC Report #4

September 2, 2012

The month of August was almost entirely dedicated to getting the Totes of Hope program up and running. There are wonderful things to report.

Kim Regan (Totes Leader) and I met with school principals, counselors and teachers this month primarily to have a face-to-face contact with them so we could begin to know each other. I must say that every meeting was delightful and hopeful. Each one of them are very grateful and eager for this program to begin. Again, the River Center in New Castle is proving to be an invaluable help and resource for us. Their Totes leader brought us to their lead counselor in New Castle who was very instrumental in organizing the schools for the program and she is very willing to help the schools in Rifle get ready. However she strongly suggested that we wait to begin the program in the first week of October instead of trying to get it going with only two weeks of preparation by the first week of September. We had to admit that perhaps we were being too ambitious and that there needed to be some structures and procedures in place that would take time to do it right, so that is what we agreed to do.

Since this is a pilot program we are going to begin with just 200 totes of food per week even though there are over 1,000 children who qualify to receive them. This puts the burden of making the decision of who is the neediest of the needy on the teachers and counselors. The Food Bank people tell us that this is the way it’s done all over, however. So I asked the Food Bank about how soon we could ramp-up the numbers and help more kids. They said that when we felt like we were ready they could give us about 100 more but that, with their limited supply of food and the cost involved (it cost them $29,000 a year to do 200 totes a week!) that they didn’t see how they could do more let alone 500-600 for the elementary school in Rifle alone.

People have been asking if they could contribute money of food and if that would increase the number of totes we could fill. So I asked that question to the Food Bank. They said that they were limited on their food allotment but that we could buy non-perishable food ourselves and add more totes. We could also accept donations of non-perishable food. Well, this was good news for us. In fact the First Assembly of God Church took an offering last Sunday and their small congregation collected $800 for the Totes program! They did this on their own, I didn’t ask them to. God Bless them!! I also received an unsolicited personal check for $300 that same week for Totes. So our God, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, know how to supply our need before we even ask!

We will still begin in Oct. with the pilot program of 200 but, after we see how the school organization and our own tote-packing program is working and how many volunteers we get, we will begin to ramp up. Also, after our 501 c 3 gets here (please pray for that to come soon; we’ve waited 2 month now) the plan is to go the local grocery outlets in Rifle and give them the opportunity to feed these kids on the weekends by making monthly contributions of non-perishable food to The ROC; or at least give us substantial discounts to buy food.

The ROC is having a Volunteer Fair at the Rifle Library on September 11. Team leaders will man tables to give information and to sign people up to volunteer for one of the five teams. I made a color brochure to put up around town and sent it to Jean’s Printing in Rifle to have 50 of them copied (watching our general operating budget which is just at $300 now). When I went to pick them up and pay for them, on the package she had written “No charge.” I said, What? Jean said, “It’s about time someone did something like this in this town. I want to support it.” So that was wonderful and encouraging. And there weren’t 50, she had printed up 100! Thank you Jean’s Printing! I took the brochures to a community volunteer who had said they would help distribute them in town so she is doing that this week. Thank you Scarlette!

Next Sunday, September 9, ROC Volunteers will be painting a house for a 70 year old blind lady in Rifle. She was a nurse for many years in the community and needs this done. She also has lots of weeds in her yard we are going to take care of. We have volunteers coming from Alpine Bank in Rifle and also from the Rifle High School Football team, The Bears. I sent an article to the Rifle Citizen Telegram about that and the volunteer fair. The editor called me and said that they would print it and run the brochure on the page facing it next Thursday. They will send a photographer out on Sunday for the house painting project.

Check out the website at I have added a “Volunteer On Line” segment. Also if you register to be a member of The ROC and click on “subscribe via RSS” on the members page, you will receive automatic updates to the site when I make them. Thank you for your prayers and words and gifts of support for us. Jeanne and I, and the whole ROC Board are blessed by you. Let all work together to help each other and get the job done!


The ROC Report #3

Posted on 9 August, 2012 at 17:45 Comments comments (22)

AUGUST 9, 2012


I received a lovely note from an elderly lady in Rifle this week encouraging us in the work we are doing at The ROC. She said that she had been a Christian since 23 years of age but had only become a servant of the Lord for the last seven years. (I thought that was a wonderful insight for all of us to think about.) She is in poor health but she petitions the Lord that she be able to recover enough to again serve Christ in a physical and tangible way, perhaps even participating in the ROC as a volunteer. Though she is living on only $7,300 a year she is tithing to her church and has committed to give $10 a month to The ROC. She closes with, “Remember me in your prayers.” I do and I hope you all will. I thank her for this inspiration.


Also, thank you for the support we are receiving from some of you. God reminds us that great rivers are only a collection of tiny raindrops that are flowing in the same direction. That kind of fits with our motto: Working together to help each other.


Still waiting on the government to send us our non-profit number but people who have been there tell us this is what it’s like. Yet we are eager to get it to we can start soliciting businesses. No worries; God’s timing is always perfect!


I made a presentation to the Rifle Assemblies of God Church this month explaining what we do, how we could help their church with its mission and how they might help us with contributions and volunteers. I closed with the song “People Need the Lord.” We were very well received by these kind folks. Jeanne and Kim met with people in the lobby after the service answering questions and signing up volunteers. A couple of people want to help by buying a tank of gas for people who need to get to work or medical appointments, etc. Also by offering to prepare a meal or fix what needs fixing at a single mothers’ or seniors’ home. I’m trying to line up more Sunday morning meetings with churches.


We bought a tank of gas for a veteran who needed to go to Grand Junction for a medical appointment. We also arranged for Xcel Energy to turn the electricity back on in the apartment of a single mom with three small children in Rifle. With no support from the father and working every job she could she still got behind enough that they shut her electricity off. Working with three different agencies I was able to put enough money together to get her A/C back on during this terrible heat wave.


I transported a mother to the Rifle Community Service Center to get school clothing and school supplies for her high school daughter. And we’re seeking volunteers to help paint the outside of the house and do yard clean up for a blind elderly lady in Rifle within the next two weeks.


Jeanne and I are continuing to apply for local grants being made available for organizations that do community service work. So we are hopeful but these things take their time as well.


God is good and is leading the way. I just we could help everyone who calls with a legitimate need but the resources all over the community are stretched. We know that “people need the Lord” but we are praying for the economy as well for people need jobs too.


Thanks for checking in. Click the “join” tab in the “Members” section and let us know you’re listening in, won’t you.




The ROC Report #2

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The ROC Report #2

July 9, 2012

Thank you for the encouraging notes we received from many of you about our new endeavor. Your encouragement means so much to us!

The MAJOR thing accomplished this month was the filing of the 501(c)(3) with the IRS on June 22. This will give us our non-profit status. I think the application was 27 pages long. Jeanne did a marvelous job of following the directions, giving me assignments and putting it all together in the proper order so we could submit it. We received a receipt confirmation from the IRS this weekend. So now we are waiting to hear their verdict.

Meanwhile I have been making initial face-to-face contacts with all the current community service providers in the area, including: Garfield County Social Services, Lift Up, Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army, Feed My Sheep and the Jobs Center. They were all very pleased to learn what the ROC plans to offer in Rifle and are eager to work with us. I have researched what these various agencies offer, and believe me they do plenty!

The local newspaper, the Rifle Citizen Telegram, featured an article about The ROC. The reporter called me twice to get information. The article was well written and supported our endeavor. I’ll attach a copy of the article.

A minor set-back is that Kim, our Totes of Hope leader, had a bike accident, breaking her wrist. She had to go to Denver for surgery and, since she works in a hospital, can’t go back to work until the stitches are removed. So she is staying in Denver with friends until then. After her return we will get back to work on the Totes program so by the time school starts this September we will be able to provide weekend food for the kids in need. Since Rifle schools have decided to go to a 4-day school week the food they take home will have to stretch over a 3-day weekend rather than just the usual two days. So a greater need for more food than before! We are applying for local grants to help finance this project.

Elaine Cloninger has agreed to serve as Team Leader for the Angel Tree program this Christmas. She is well suited for the challenge.

We are still looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to coordinate all of our volunteer teams. This is a big responsibility and we are searching for the right person.

Meanwhile, I found out that there is a lunch program as well as a medical clinic available for the kids in Rifle this summer. So that is very good.

We had our first board meeting for The ROC On July 5 in our Rifle Office. There is a good spirit among the board members. They are good people.

Our web site is up and running! It needs some fine tuning, but it’s up! You can view it at

I learned a valuable lesson two weeks ago. I spent all day with a client referred to me by Garfield County Social Services. Their intake worker had interviewed her and the story was that she was homeless and had been living with her 5 children at a friend’s home somewhere in rural Rifle. They had been living in the garage of this house when the house burned down. She was only able to get her car out but she lost everything else. I arranged a hotel suite for her family, meals at Burger King, and a doctor appointment because she had now broken out in hives. However, she never showed up for the hotel, doctor appointment or the meals. Although I had been a little suspicious earlier during the interview, the fact that she had been referred by social services led me to think that she was legit. When I called the police to inquire about the fire I found there had been no fire and this lady was wanted for questioning by the police. I had no idea where she was since she had no phone or address. She is evidently an addict and has been pulling stunts like this. Lesson: go with your gut and get answers to your questions. Still this poor lady needs help.

The ROC also arranged lodging for a family (with their 3 dogs) in a hotel for the night because the apartment they had put a deposit on had not been vacated as promised. She has a job in Rifle and he is a disabled vet. We were able get them help through the Community Service Center.

We were able to get a gas voucher (through The River Center) for a couple so they could visit their son on a weekend pass in his half-way house in White Water.

In preparation for our non-profit status we are now gathering grant and funding applications.

We are eager to do more but my “coach” at the River Center says to pace ourselves, go slow and let it grow naturally. Good advice, I’m sure.

Jeanne and I thank you again for your interest. We appreciate the feed-back we have received from you.

Dave Bottroff

Director, The ROC